Understanding The Lainymar Process

Lainymar Wealth Group is a boutique investment firm that focuses on each client as an individual with a unique life history that must be understood before any financial strategy can be advised. That’s the life planning cornerstone that truly sets us apart. Everything we do circles back to you.

Why is Life Planning important?

My purpose is to help you achieve the best life possible with the money you have. To this end, I will work in partnership with you, putting your life at the center of our conversations, taking the time to understand YOU, your background, philosophy, needs and objectives. That’s the key to helping you put your money to the best use, in line with your unique goals and personal values.

What can I expect from Financial Planning at Lainymar?

Working with you, I will show you how to get your financial house in order and keep it that way. I will help provide for your lifetime income and expenditure needs, as well as tax planning, investment planning, protection, and estate planning.

I will guide you in prioritizing your goals and following through on your commitments, showing you the steps you can take to achieve them and regularly reviewing your progress.

Emotionally driven decisions have no place in important money matters and I will help you avoid them. Consulting with you at key moments of decision-making, I do the research to ensure you have all the necessary information to take the reins of your financial future.

I work with you to anticipate your life transitions and to be financially prepared for them as much as possible. We regularly assess what we can project lies ahead and we create strategic action plans to address and pre-emptively manage these transitions.

What’s the bottom line in Investment Planning?

Throughout our conversations and planning, your comfort level in taking risks with your portfolio, or weathering the inevitable volatility of the markets, will become apparent. I will work with you to appropriately allocate your funds between various investment vehicles such as cash, fixed income, and equities, so that you maintain financial comfort and funds are available when you need them.

Who manages my Investment Portfolio?

Lainymar Wealth Group has developed relationships with a selection of Canada’s finest Portfolio Managers, providing you with the ease of access to all publicly-traded investment markets. I recommend the right portfolio manager and targeted investment solution for you and I remain an active partner in that equation I quarterback the administration of setting up the accounts, transferring assets, and establishing your new portfolio.

I do not outsource your portfolio to a team of Professional Money Managers and stand back; I personally follow all my clients’ portfolios closely and I regularly discuss updates and refinements with the portfolio management team. On your behalf, I work with them to stay apprised of their views on the changing economy, market expectations, and management trading rationale.

What are some of the most common Investment Solutions?

Mutual Funds are an ideal solution for clients at all life stages, providing the opportunity to grow savings within a professionally managed portfolio.

Pooled style management is the next step, well suited to clients in the subsequent stage of their life where the goal is continuing to grow savings, with reduced fees for portfolios above the $250,000 threshold.

Our Private Wealth platform provides the opportunity for clients to have their wealth managed by top institutional pension managers. Tax Planning and Estate Planning needs are fully integrated into this style of investment management. This service is typically recommended for client portfolios in excess of $1Million.

Insured Investments, also known as Segregated funds, allow clients to participate in all publicly traded investment markets, while maintaining the peace of mind of principal guarantees and guaranteed death benefit. This is an optimal opportunity to pass along non-registered investments, without exposure to estate administrations costs, by naming a beneficiary and is a particularly good option in special circumstances such as out-of-country residents.


Putting it all together

Financial Planning

Effective financial planning starts with setting your financial goals and defining what success looks like for you. It’s different for everyone. We will explore your needs, your comfort and capacity to take risk with your money, your desire for growth or need for income, as well as your or wish to leave a legacy, Together, we will create a strategic plan tailored to you.

Retirement Planning

For many, it’s the ultimate question that a lifetime of earning works to answer: how much money will I need to retire? In addition to helping you maximize retirement savings, we will see you through the transition and address other retirement issues, including how your spouse’s retirement will affect your financial planning.

Investment strategies

The principles are basic: how do I balance risk and return? What is the best asset allocation? But the answers are more complex and that’s where Lainymar Wealth Group comes in. Not only will we create a plan for you that balances the need for income, growth, and security, we will continuously review and rebalance your plan to best manage your risk and return objectives.

Protection Planning

Insurance can have substantial benefit to some wealth portfolios beyond reducing the financial effects of loss. As an investment strategy, insurance can provide retirement income, protect financial security, enhance after-tax wealth, and minimize estate costs.

Estate Planning

Estate planning can present emotional challenges as we discuss providing financial security for our dependents. As a Life-focussed Financial Planner, I bring insight and sensitivity to this piece of the puzzle and will guide you to the right fit. Together, we will look at wills and powers-of-attorney, estate enhancement, and minimizing estate costs including taxes and probate.

Tax Planning

In Canada, we recognize the need to pay our fair share into the services we enjoy. But no one wants to pay more taxes than they need to, and I will help you minimize their effect on your portfolio and other holdings. Whether it’s capital gains or the difference between dividend and interest income, I will help you understand the components and identify opportunities to protect your estate and your family from paying too much in taxes.

Life Planning and transitions

As the Covid Challenge has clearly shown us, life is always and unexpectantly changing. Lainymar Wealth Group will work with you to do whatever we can to protect your portfolio, from building in precautions to mitigate the financial impact of widowhood to providing for a partner’s sudden health care needs.


For parents who are establishing a comprehensive financial plan, providing for their child’s education is a key component. We will discuss available strategies and ways you can maximize opportunities to build these essential savings.

Charitable Giving

Charitable giving is no longer just for the wealthy one per cent. In addition to personal satisfaction, there are real benefits of planned philanthropy for your family and estate and we will examine what aligns with your personal values and resources.

Credit and Lending

Learning to manage your cash flow most effectively is a basic building block of every financial plan. Accessing a bank loan or developing credit may be less clear and I will guide you through what you need to know.