Our Vision

We believe that true wealth management combines proactive, life-focussed planning with strategic investment, helping our clients achieve the best life possible with the resources they have. Lainymar Wealth Group works collaboratively with every client to align the financial strategy we advise with their unique life goals and personal values.

Meet Elaine

“I always tell my clients that good money management starts in their own mind. Each of us has our own answers and I will help you drill down to unlock yours.”

Elaine Martinez is the founder and CEO of Lainymar Wealth Group, with more than two decades of expert financial management experience. As a respected Wealth Manager, Elaine’s approach focusses on educating, empowering, and enriching the lives of her clients, working with them to make financial decisions based on their personal values and life goals.

Elaine holds numerous financial planning, investment management, and specialty designations, giving her a well-rounded perspective to strategically respond to all her clients’ wealth management needs.
Throughout her professional career, Elaine has enhanced the range of life-planning services she offers by attaining additional designations, including: Chartered Divorce Specialist; Certified Senior Advisor; Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner; and Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning Advisor.

Who is Lainymar Wealth Group?

We are Elaine Martinez CFP, backed up an expert advisory team of financial management professionals, all committed to providing you with responsive, personalized service. You, your unique values and goals, are always at the heart of the strategies we create together.

Keeping you on track

I will show you how to get your financial house in order and help you keep it that way. Collaborating to balance your lifetime income and expenditure needs, Lainymar Wealth Group guides you through tax planning, investments, protection and estate planning.

Helping you Take the Reins

By working with you to prioritize your goals, I help you follow through on your existing financial commitments. I will identify and explain the steps you can take to manage your financial future, as well as regularly review your progress with you.

Bringing objectivity to your planning

Lainymar Wealth Group has the expertise and insight to help you keep emotion out of your money management. I will stand beside you, as an advocate and advisor, at the key moments of decision making, available to do the research you need to make a sound and reasoned choices.

Staying proactive

We anticipate your life transitions as much as possible and financially prepare for them in your wealth management portfolio. By regularly assessing what we know is coming, we create a proactive plan to address and mitigate these transitions.

Asking the right questions

Sometimes knowledge is measured by knowing what questions to ask. I am committed to thoroughly understanding your unique situation before providing resources tailored to your decision making. Lainymar Wealth Group will always explore the options, and explain the benefits and risks associated with each one.