At Lainymar Wealth Group, understanding our clients is our top priority and our greatest strength.

We’re insightful listeners and we ask the right questions.

We know that successful wealth management must combine life focussed planning with strategic investment.

We stand beside you to face the evolving changes from within and those outside our control, nimble and ready to refine our plan.


Knowledge is empowering

As your Wealth Manager, I will help you develop the confidence and financial literacy you need to make informed decisions about your future. I work with you to identify and prioritize life goals; explore innovative options to achieve them; and regularly evaluate your plan’s progress so we can stay nimble, making modifications as the need arises.

Peace of mind is enriching

The life-focussed strategy we develop will anticipate your life transitions and financially prepare for them, by regularly assessing what we can predict and building contingencies for what we cannot. I will help you avoid emotionally driven responses to your financial decision-making.
Working from the information you share with me, I will create an individualized plan that balances your lifetime income and expenditure needs with your tax planning, investments, protection, and estate planning.

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Lainymar Wealth Group can provide you with the investment tools and resources best suited to your unique wealth profile. Check out our continually updated resource library where you’ll find the latest information and research from our investment experts.