Our financial life planning process begins by asking the right questions for us to understand your attitude towards money, and relationship with it, because these are the drivers of how you handle it in life.

By understanding the root of your relationship with money we can ensure your behaviour going forward aligns with your true values.

Our purpose is to help you achieve the best life possible with the money you have. We will work in partnership with you putting your life at the centre of our conversations, taking the time to understand YOU!

 Financial         Planning


Effective financial planning starts with setting your financial goals and defining what success looks like for you. 

We will explore your income and needs, your comfort with investments, desire for growth or income, as well as your wish to leave a legacy, and together we will co-create a tailored plan.

As we move through this process any obstacles will be revealed and worked through.

Emotionally driven decisions have no place in important money matters, and we will help you to avoid them. 


It’s a major life transition after years of work and a regular paycheque. Despite the excitement of this new phase of life, it often comes with some trepidation or anxiety as you leave your work community and sense of ‘self’ as was.

For many, the ultimate question after a lifetime of earning is; how much money will I need to retire?

We will plan for funds to be available to sustain your lifestyle, and we will see you through the transition addressing any challenges as they come along.

Estate Planning


Estate planning can present emotional challenges as you consider providing financial security for dependents.

As Life focused financial planners, we bring insight and sensitivity to this piece of the puzzle.

Together we will look at estate enhancement, and minimizing estate costs where possible.


Insurance products have many uses, in addition to providing financial security to your beneficiaries after your death.

Creating a retirement income stream, protecting financial security, enhancing after tax wealth, and minimizing estate costs.

Investment Planning

The principles are basic; how to balance risk and return.

We will create a plan for you that balances your need for income, growth, and security, while continuously reviewing and rebalancing.

Throughout our conversations and planning, your comfort level in riding the market ups and downs will become apparent.

We will work with you to appropriately allocate your funds so that you maintain financial comfort and funds are available when you need them.


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